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Lamp and drinks table with crystal glasses at Barnsgrove, Hampshire


Discover your sanctuary at Barnsgrove. Centred around living well and embracing connection, every moment is an invitation to relax, rejuvenate and collaborate. Your new go-to destination to unwind and thrive, amongst a community of people who are not only motivated go-getters, but also understand the importance of having a good time.

Breakfast croissant and coffee at Barnsgrove, Hampshire


Experience everything Barnsgrove has to offer. This is your rural haven designed to help you recharge and allow you to immerse yourself in a journey of well-being, social connection, and personal growth.

Cocktails being poured at Barnsgrove, Hampshire


Ideal for couples or two adults residing at the same address, a Barnsgrove Joint Membership enables both of you to discover new hobbies and enjoy your own unique experiences at the clubhouse. Escape the routine of home life, whether motivating each other in a shared workout session, or taking the time to pursue your individual interests.

Cake with dried flowers served at Barnsgrove, Hampshire


Designed for young adults under the age of 25, step into our vibrant clubhouse where inspiration and new connections are boundless. Ignite your passions and flourish in a space that you can call your own.

Barman serving a pint of beer at Barnsgrove, Hampshire


For those with busy weekday schedules, we have created the Weekender Membership. Perfect for those who wish to unwind, socialise, and engage in a variety of events and activities.

Members Club Opening September 2024

A family run, members clubhouse nestled in the heart of the Hampshire countryside. Join the waitlist for our private offices, resident desks or to become a member of our vibrant clubhouse.